Asia's New High-Tech Competitors - Acknowledgments
NSF 95-309


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This report was prepared by Lawrence M. Rausch, Senior Analyst, Science & Engineering Indicators Program, Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), National Science Foundation (NSF). Guidance and review were provided by Jennifer Bond, Director of the Science & Engineering Indicators Program and by Kenneth M. Brown, Director of SRS.

NSF extends sincere appreciation to the outside expert review provided by Dr. Donald Dalton, U.S. Department of Commerce, Drs. J. David Roessner and Alan L. Porter, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Dr. Richard P. Suttmeier, Director, Center for Asian & Pacific Studies, University of Oregon.

The report was made more readable and its presentation more pleasing through the efforts of Nita Congress (editor) and David Saia, SRS's Publications Manager.

The author also wishes to thank Vellamo M. Lahti for her support and assistance throughout the many phases of this project.

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