Prospects for the Future
NSF 95-309

Prospects for the Future

National Orientation
Socioeconomic Infrastructure
Technological Infrastructure
Productive Capacity
Report Summary

What part will Asia play in high-technology development and sales as we move into the 21st century? Overall, the region's large and continuing investments in both science and engineering education and R&D can be a base from which to advance its position in many high-tech areas. (See NSF 1993.) By individual economy, however, the answer will differ depending on each economy's past, current, and continuing investments in relevant resources and infrastructure.

This section presents an assessment of future national competitiveness in high-tech industries for Asia's four newly industrialized and four emerging economies. This competitiveness is gauged through scores on the following leading indicators:

These four indicators were designed (see box) to identify countries that have the potential to become more important exporters of high-technology products over the next 15 years. An analysis of these indicators as applied to the eight Asian economies under consideration follows.

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28. This indicator was called "national commitment" in Science & Engineering Indicators - 1993; here it is referred to by the term used by its originators.
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