Asia's New High-Tech Competitors - Report Overview
NSF 95-309

Report Overview

Decades of market success in general manufactures gave Japan the revenues and rationale for even larger investments in education and in research and development (R&D). These investments, in turn, propelled that country's entry into technology areas previously dominated by the West. Today, several other Asian economies are exhibiting similar patterns of industrialization (see Balk 1991). Once considered a locus for labor-intensive, low-skilled manufacturing, Asia now boasts several economies that are active, if not prominent, suppliers of a growing number of high-technology products in the global marketplace.

Which of these economies will be full-fledged participants in the technology development efforts of the future? Which will be the competitors in tomorrow's high-tech product market? To provide a basis for answering these questions, this report profiles nine economies linked by an Asian identity, yet marked by great economic and technological disparity.

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