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Letter of Transmittal

4201 Wilson Boulevard

January 13, 2000

The Honorable William J. Clinton
The President of the United States
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

It is my honor to transmit to you, and through you to the Congress, the fourteenth in the series of biennial Science Indicators reports, Science and Engineering Indicators--2000. The National Science Board submits this report in accordance with Sec. 4(j)(1) of the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, as amended.

The Science Indicators series was designed to provide a broad base of quantitative information about U.S. science, engineering, and technology for use by public and private policymakers. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Science Board and the National Science Foundation, the Board decided to develop a special historical theme for S&E Indicators--2000. The report reflects on the conditions that characterized U.S. science and engineering 50 years ago as compared to the current state of the Nation's S&E enterprise.

The report enclosed contains analyses of key trends that illuminate the scope, quality, and vitality of research and education in the Nation and in an international context. In addition to a special history chapter, the report presents trends in U.S. and international R&D funds and alliances, on the S&E workforce, on science and mathematics education from the elementary level through graduate school and beyond, and on public attitudes and understanding of science and engineering. S&E Indicators--2000 also devotes a chapter to the significance of information technologies for science and the daily lives of our citizens in schools, the workplace, home, and community.

I hope that you, your Administration, and the Congress will find the new quantitative information and analysis in the report useful and timely for informing thinking and planning on national priorities, policies, and programs in science and technology.

Respectfully yours,
Eamon M. Kelly Signature
Eamon M. Kelly
National Science Board

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