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Cover Science and Engineering Indicators — 2000 Cover
National R&D funding, by source: 1953-1998
2-2 National R&D expenditures: 1998
National R&D expenditures, by source of funds
2-4 Federal R&D funding, by budget function
2-16 National R&D expenditures, by source of funds, performing sector, and character of work: 1998
U.S. and other G-7 countries' R&D expenditures
2-30 R&D as a percentage of GDP, G-8 countries
2-31 R&D expenditures, by country, performer, and source: 1996-98
2-37 Globalization of U.S. industrial R&D
2-38 Industrial R&D of U.S. and foreign affiliates, by world region: 1996
3-9 Proportion of women in S&E workforce by broad occupation: 1997
3-10 Median annual salaries of employed scientists and engineers, by broad occupation and sex: 1997
3-13 1997 age distribution of S&E Ph.D. recipients in the labor force: tenured and tenure-track faculty at four-year institutions
3-17 S&E labor force engaged in R&D per 10,000 labor force
4-15 Ratio of NS&E degrees to the 24-year-old population, by country
4-33 U.S. doctoral S&E degrees earned by U.S. and foreign citizens: 1986-97
4-36 Foreign-born S&E faculty in U.S. higher education, by field: 1997
5-11 Average scale score on TIMSS physics and advanced mathematics assessment for students in the secondary school: 1994-95
6-5 Academic R&D expenditures, by field: 1973-97
6-12 Academic doctoral scientists and engineers by type of position: 1973-97
6-20 Distribution of primary work activity of recent S&E Ph.D.s in full-time academic faculty positions: 1973-97
6-41 Number of citations on U.S. patents to scientific and technical articles: 1987-98
6-43 Number of academic patents granted: 1982-98
7-5 Country share of global high-technology output
7-12 U.S. merchandise trade balance
7-22 U.S. patents granted to foreign inventors, by nationality of inventor
8-4 Public understanding of scientific terms and concepts: 1999
8-6 Public understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry: 1999
8-10 Public assessment of scientific research: 1979-99 (selected years)
8-12 Public assessment of genetic engineering: 1985-99 (selected years)
8-17 Home access to computers: 1995, 1997, 1999
8-24 Public perception of whether astrology is scientific: 1979-99
9-3 Price index for memory chips and microprocessors
9-13 Employment in core IT occupations: 1983-98
9-20 Growth in number of gigabytes on the Web
9-24 U.S. household ownership of personal computers, by race/ethnicity: 1994 and 1998
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