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Indicators 2002
Introduction Overview Chapter 1: Elementary and Secondary Education Chapter 2: Higher Education in Science and Engineering Chapter 3: Science and Engineering Workforce Chapter 4: U.S. and International Research and Development: Funds and Alliances Chapter 5: Academic Research and Development Chapter 6: Industry, Technology, and the Global Marketplace Chapter 7: Science and Technology: Public Attitudes and Public Understanding Chapter 8: Significance of Information Technology Appendix Tables
Chapter Contents:
The United States in a Changing World
Education, Demographics, and World Labor Markets
U.S. Reliance on Foreign-Born Scientists and Engineers
U.S. Elementary and Secondary Education: International Perspective
U.S. Higher Education
Status of the U.S. S&E Workforce
Foreign-Born Scientists and Engineers in the U.S. Workforce
Indicators of U.S. Competitiveness
Patenting as an Indicator of Inventive Activity
Venture Capital Funding and Seed Money
U.S. Industrial R&D: Manufacturing and Service Sectors
Expanding R&D Activities Around the World
Growing International Conduct of Research
National and International Research Alliances
Selected Bibliography
List of Figures
Presentation Slides


Selected Bibliography

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