Table 3-23
Comparison between NSF and Census estimates of foreign-born individuals in S&E occupations, by level of education: 1999 and 2000
Level of education 1999 NSF/SRS
2000 Census
5-Percent PUMS
All college educated 15.0 22.4
Bachelor's 11.3 16.5
Master's 19.4 29.0
Professional degree 10.0 35.8
Doctorate 28.7 37.6
NSF/SRS National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics
SESTAT Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System
PUMS Public Use Microdata Sample

NOTE: Includes all S&E occupations other than postsecondary teachers because field of instruction was not included in occupation coding for the 2000 Census.

SOURCES: NSF/SRS, SESTAT, 1999; and Bureau of the Census, PUMS, 2000.
Science & Engineering Indicators — 2004
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