Table 4-8
Top 10 states in R&D performance, R&D by sector, and R&D as percentage of gross state product: 2000
           States with highest
R&D performance, by sector
    R&D intensity
(highest R&D/GSP ratio)
Rank    State Total R&Da
(millions of
current dollars)
  Industryb U&Cc Federal
  State R&D/GSP
GSP (billions
of current
1   California 55,093   California California Maryland   Michigan 5.81 325.4
2   Michigan 18,892   Michigan New York District of Columbia   New Mexico 5.68 54.4
3   New York 13,556   New Jersey Texas California   Washington 4.78 219.9
4   New Jersey 13,133   Illinois Pennsylvania Virginia   Maryland 4.64 186.1
5   Massachusetts 13,004   New York Maryland Alabama   Massachusetts 4.56 284.9
6   Illinois 12,767   Massachusetts Massachusetts Ohio   Delaware 4.22 36.3
7   Texas 11,552   Washington Illinois Florida   Rhode Island 4.12 36.5
8   Washington 10,516   Texas North Carolina Texas   California 4.10 1,344.6
9   Pennsylvania 9,842   Pennsylvania Michigan New Jersey   Idaho 3.87 37.0
10   Maryland 8,634   Ohio Georgia New Mexico   District of Columbia 3.87 59.4
FFRDC federally funded research and development center
GSP gross state product
U&C universities and colleges

aIncludes in-state total R&D performance of industry, universities, Federal agencies, FFRDCs, and federally financed nonprofit R&D.
bIncludes R&D activities of industry-administered FFRDCs located within these states.
cExcludes R&D activities of university-administered FFRDCs located within these states.
dIncludes costs associated with administration of intramural and extramural programs by Federal personnel and actual intramural performance.

NOTES: Reliability of estimates of industry R&D varies by state because sample allocation was not based on geography. Rankings do not take into account margin of error of estimates from sample surveys.

SOURCES: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, National Patterns of R&D Resources (Arlington, VA, annual series); U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, 2002,
Science & Engineering Indicators – 2004
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