Table 5-26
Relative prominence of citations of S&E literature, by region: 1994 and 2001
Relative citation index
Country/region 1994 2001
United States 1.01 1.01
Western Europe 0.67 0.72
Asia 0.43 0.41
Eastern Europe/Central Asia 0.13 0.23
Near East/North Africa 0.47 0.53
Pacific 0.59 0.64
Central/South America 0.31 0.37
Sub-Saharan Africa 0.30 0.36
NOTE: Relative citation index is the frequency of citation of a country or region’s scientific literature outside of its own region, adjusted for its world share of S&E articles.

SOURCES: Institute for Scientific Information, Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index; CHI Research, Inc.; and National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, special tabulations. See appendix table 5-49.
Science & Engineering Indicators — 2004
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