Table 6-4
Top 15 most emphasized U.S. patent classes for corporations from United States, Japan, and Germany: 2001
Rank     United States Japan Germany
1   Business practice, data processing Photocopying Clutches and power-stop control
2   Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical applications Information storage and retrieval Rotary shafts
3   Computers and digital processing systems Television signal processing Brake systems
4   Surgery instruments Photography Printing
5   Data processing, file management Electrophotography Winding, tensioning, or guiding
6   Digital processing systems Liquid crystal cells Machine element or mechanism
7   Computer memory Facsimile Land vehicles, bodies and tops
8   Data processing software Incremental printing of symbolic information Magnetically operated switches
9   Surgery (medicators and receptors) Electric lamp and discharge devices Metal forming
10   Prosthesis Typewriting machines Brakes
11   Wells Electrical generators Land vehicles
12   I/O digital processing systems Radiation imagery chemistry Joints and connections
13   Boring or earth penetrating apparatus Ceramic compositions Internal combustion engines
14   Multicellular living organisms Wave transmission lines and networks Fluid sprayers
15   Digital processing, support Optics systems, including communication Electrical transmission systems
I/O input/output

NOTES: Rank is based on patenting activity of nongovernment U.S. or foreign organizations, which are primarily corporations. Patenting by individuals and governments is excluded.

SOURCE: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Information Products Division, Technology Assessment and Forecast Branch, 2002.
Science & Engineering Indicators — 2004
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