Table 6-5
Top 15 most emphasized U.S. patent classes for corporations from South Korea and Taiwan: 2001
Rank     South Korea Taiwan
1   Liquid crystal cells, elements, and systems Semiconductor device manufacturing process
2   Static information storage and retrieval Electrical connectors
3   Electric lamp and discharge systems Circuit makers and breakers
4   Television Electrical systems and devices
5   Semiconductor device manufacturing process Active solid-state devices
6   Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval Supports
7   Television signal processing for recording Heat exchange
8   Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices Abrading
9   Electric lamp and discharge devices Rotary expansible chamber devices
10   Pulse or digital communications Special receptacle or package
11   Electrophotography Typewriting machines
12   Active solid-state devices Radiation imagery chemistry
13   Computers Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning
14   Electronic digital logic circuitry Cleaning
15   Computer graphics Battery or capacitor charging
NOTE: Rank is based on patenting activity of nongovernmental organizations, which are primarily corporations. Patenting by individuals and governments is excluded.

SOURCE: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Information Products Division, Technology Assessment and Forecast Branch, 2002.
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