Table 7-4
Science-oriented Pulitzer Prize books after World War II
Award year Title Author Category
1947 Scientists Against Time Baxter History
1967 Exploration and Empire Goetzmann History
1978 Dragons of Eden Sagan General nonfiction
1979 On Human Nature Wilson General nonfiction
1980 Godel, Escher, Bach Hofstadter General nonfiction
1982 Soul of a New Machine Kidder General nonfiction
1984 Social Transformation of American Medicine Starr General nonfiction
1986 ...The Heavens and the Earth McDougall History
1988 Launching of Modern American Science Bruce History
1991 Ants Holldobler & Wilson General nonfiction
1995 Beak of the Finch Weiner General nonfiction
1998 Summer for the Gods Larson History
1998 Guns, Germs, and Steel Diamond General nonfiction
1999 Annals of the Former World McPhee General nonfiction
SOURCE: B. Lewenstein, How science books drive public discussion, paper presented at conference, Communicating the Future: Best Practices for Communication of Science and Technology to the Public (Gaithersburg, MD, March 8, 2002).
Science & Engineering Indicators — 2004
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