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Science and Engineering Indicators 2004
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Chapter Contents:
National Science Board
Letter of Transmittal
Contributors and Reviewers


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Contributors and Reviewers

The following persons contributed to the report by reviewing chapters or otherwise assisting in its preparation. Their help is greatly appreciated.

Stuart Anderson, former Deputy INS Commissioner for Policy
John Armstrong, IBM, retired
Robert K. Bell, National Science Foundation
Dan Berglund, State Science and Technology Institute
Myles Boylan, National Science Foundation
John Bradley, National Science Foundation
Sarah Calderon, MPR Associates
Jill L. Cape, Taratec Corporation
Ann Carlson, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Lynda T. Carlson, National Science Foundation
David Cheney, SRI International
Kathryn Chval, National Science Foundation
James Colby, National Science Foundation
Susan Cozzens, Georgia Institute of Technology
Connie Della-Piana, National Science Foundation
Chip Denman, National Capital Area Skeptics
Doug Devereaux, Department of Commerce
James Duderstadt, University of Michigan
Jules Duga, Battelle Memorial Institute
Janice Earle, National Science Foundation
Karolyn Eisenstein, National Science Foundation
Emerson Elliott, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
Irwin Feller, Pennsylvania State University, emeritus
Michael Finn, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Amy K. Flatten, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Donna Fowler, MPR Associates
Mary J. Frase, National Science Foundation
Susan Fuhrman, University of Pennsylvania
Carolyn L. Funk, Virginia Commonwealth University
Fred Gault, Statistics Canada
Alan Goodman, Institute of International Education
James A. Griffin, Office of Science and Technology Policy
David Halpern, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Kimberly Hamilton, CHI Research, Inc.
Peter Henderson, National Academy of Sciences
Jim Hirabayashi, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
John Jankowski, National Science Foundation
Elka Jones, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Kei Koizumi, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Bobbi Kridl, MPR Associates
Karen Laney-Cummings, U.S. Department of Commerce
Michelle Lennihan, Council on Competitiveness
Xiaojie Li, MPR Associates
Lindsey Lowell, Georgetown University
Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University
Charles M. Meadows, Taratec Corporation
Mary Ellen Mogee, Mogee Research & Analysis, LLC
Robert P. Morgan, Washington University, retired
Seth Muzzy, ORC Macro
Fran Narin, CHI Research, Inc.
Jongwon Park, SRI International
Greg Pearson, National Academy of Engineering
Willie Pearson, Jr., Georgia Institute of Technology
Rolf Piekarz, National Science Foundation, retired
Andrew Porter, University of Wisconsin
Susanna Hornig Priest, Texas A&M University
Joan Prival, National Science Foundation
Stacie Propst, Research!America
Senta Raizen, National Center for Improving Science Education/WestEd
Judith Ramaley, National Science Foundation
Lauren Resnick, University of Pittsburgh
Deborah Runkle, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Gerhard Salinger, National Science Foundation
Roland W. Schmitt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, President Emeritus
Susan Sclafani, U.S. Department of Education
William Sibley, Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Jennifer Slimowitz, National Academy of Sciences
Thomas Smith, Vanderbilt University
Thomas Snyder, U.S. Department of Education
Paula Stephan, Georgia State University
Judith S. Sunley, National Science Foundation
Larry Suter, National Science Foundation
Peter Syverson, Council of Graduate Schools
Gregory Tassey, National Institute of Standards and Technology
John Taylor, National Venture Capital Association
Albert H. Teich, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Toby Ten Eyck, Michigan State University
Marie Thursby, Georgia Institute of Technology
David Trinkle, Office of Management and Budget
Brigitte van Beuzekom, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Jean Vanski, National Science Foundation
Nicholas Vonortas, George Washington University
Wanda Ward, National Science Foundation
Charles Wessner, National Academies
Mary Woolley, Research!America

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