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Science and Engineering Indicators 2004
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    PDF keeps the fonts, formatting, colors and images of the printed publication intact – regardless of which platform or printer you use. You can download selected portions of the report, or the entire report. These PDF versions are formatted identically to our original hard copies, so when you print them, they will look as they appear in print.

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Throughout this report, the source data for the figures and tables presented are available for viewing and downloading. The source data files are provided as Excel spreadsheets (.xls). Appendix tables and chapter 8 data tables are also provided in acrobat (.pdf) format. Links to files for download are on the same page as the figure or table, and are identified by the Excel Excel or PDF PDF icon. If you are interested in doing additional analysis of any available data, you are encouraged to download the data files to work with the data.

Here are some tools you might need to effectively use the variety of data available in Science & Engineering Indicators.

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Excel (.xls) Excel 2003 viewer
Acrobat (.pdf) Acrobat Reader
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These links are provided as a service to our visitors. No endorsement is implied.

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Presentation-quality charts are provided in Microsoft Powerpoint and JPEG formats for selected figures in Science and Engineering Indicators 2004.

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The following icons are used throughout the Science and Engineering Indicators 2004 web site:

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