Table 1-13
Public school teacher movers who rated various reasons as very or extremely important in their decision to move to different school: 2000–01
Reason for leaving Mathematics/
science teachers
Dissatisfied with support from administrators at previous school 40.0 38.0
Dissatisfied with workplace conditions at previous school 37.1 31.5
Better salary or benefits 28.9* 17.8
Opportunity for better teaching assignment 26.2* 41.5
Changed my residence 21.3 23.0
Higher job security 14.1 16.4
Dissatisfied with opportunities for professional development at previous school 10.3 15.2
Dissatisfied with changes in job description or responsibilities 10.1* 19.8
Feel unprepared to implement or disagree with new reform measures 9.3 8.8
Laid off or involuntarily transferred 5.0* 11.1
Did not have enough autonomy over classroom at previous school 4.8 8.6

*p = .05, statistically significant difference between mathematics/science teachers and other teachers.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 1999–2000 School and Staffing Survey; and 2000–01 Teacher Follow-up Survey.

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