Table 3-3
Individuals with S&E as highest degree employed in non-S&E occupations, by highest degree and relation of degree to job: 2003
    Degree related to job
Highest degree n (thousands) Closely Somewhat Not
All degree levelsa
6,022 33.3 32.9 33.8
4,868 29.8 33.6 36.7
972 48.3 30.0 21.6
303 42.3 36.6 21.2

aIncludes professional degrees.

NOTES: Non-S&E occupations include the SESTAT categories "non-S&E" and "S&E related." Detail may not add to total because of rounding.

SOURCE: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System (SESTAT), preliminary estimates (2003),

Science and Engineering Indicators 2006