Table 5-25
Relative prominence of citations of scientific literature, by major S&E publishing region or country/economy: 1992, 1997, and 2003
(Relative citation index)
Region or country/economy 1992 1997 2003
United States 1.000 1.016 1.026
EU-15 0.659 0.689 0.737
Japan 0.566 0.539 0.575
East Asia-4 0.255 0.275 0.335

EU = European Union

NOTES: Relative citation index is major publishing region/country/economy's share of cited literature adjusted for its share of published literature. Citations of country/economy's own literature are excluded. East Asia-4 consists of China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. China includes Hong Kong.

SOURCES: Thomson ISI, Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index,; ipIQ, Inc.; and National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, special tabulations. See appendix table 5-62.

Science and Engineering Indicators 2006