Table 6-5
Top 15 most-emphasized U.S. patent classes for corporations from United States, Japan, and Germany: 2003
Rank   United States Japan Germany
1 Business practice, data processing Electrophotography Printing
2 Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical applications Television signal processing Clutches and power-stop control
3 Computers and digital processing systems Computer storage and retrieval Land vehicles, bodies, and tops
4 Data processing, file management Photography Machine element or mechanism
5 Surgery instruments Photocopying Brake systems
6 Data-processing software Liquid crystal cells Power delivery controls, engines
7 Wells Ceramic compositions Internal combustion engines
8 Prosthesis Facsimile Metal forming
9 Processing achitectures Power delivery controls, engines Valves
10 Input/output digital processing systems Optical image projector Joints and connections
11 Data processing, artificial intelligence Incremental printing of symbolic information Sheet-feeding machines
12 Analytical and immunological testing Bearings Land vehicles
13 Surgical, medicators, and receptors Electric lamp and discharge devices X-ray or gamma-ray systems
14 Multicellular living organisms Electrical generators Rotary motors or pumps
15 Computer memory Radiation imagery chemistry Chairs, seats

NOTES: Rank based on patenting activity index for nongovernmental U.S. or foreign organizations, which are primarily corporations. Patenting by individuals and governments excluded.

SOURCE: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Office of Electronic Information Products, Patent Technology Monitoring Division, special tabulations (December 2004).

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