Table 6-6
Top 15 most-emphasized U.S. patent classes for corporations from South Korea and Taiwan: 2003
Rank South Korea Taiwan
1 Liquid crystal cells, elements, and systems Semiconductor device manufacturing process
2 Electric lamp and discharge devices Electrical connectors
3 Semiconductor device manufacturing process Electrical systems and devices
4 Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval Circuit makers and breakers
5 Electric lamp and discharge systems Electric power conversion systems
6 Static information storage and retrieval Active solid-state devices
7 Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning Typewriting machines
8 Television Substrate etching process
9 Refrigeration Sheet-feeding machines
10 Active solid-state devices Illumination
11 Pumps Heat exchange
12 Power delivery controls, engines Cleaning
13 Electrical audio signal systems Optical image projector
14 Television recording systems Communication radio wave antennas
15 Electrical nonlinear devices Facsimile

NOTES: Rank based on patenting activity index for nongovernmental organizations, which are primarily corporations. Patenting by individuals and governments excluded.

SOURCE: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Office of Electronic Information Products, Patent Technology Monitoring Division (2004).

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