The revisions below were made after the publication was printed.

August 2006

In Volume 2:

  • Appendix table 2-27 Excel. Data for mechanical engineering and industrial engineering were switched for the all race/ethnicities and citizenships rows. The data for these two rows has been revised.

  • Appendix table 2-30 Excel. Incorrect data was included in this table. All data in this table has been revised.

May 2006

In Volume 2:

February 2006

In Volume 1:

  • Table 2-5 Excel. The column head "Europe" should also span the first "Total" column.

  • Figure 2-29 Excel. The y-axis unit should be "Recipients (thousands)."

  • Figure 4-4 Excel. "Industry" in the bottom pie (performing sector) should be 15.9%, not 16.4%.

  • Figure 4-42 Excel. The line labels "France" and "UK" are reversed.

  • Figure 4-44 Excel. The y-axis unit is "Percent."

  • Figure 6-27 Excel. The x-axis is the period from 1990 to 2003.

  • Figure 7-5 Excel. For the subject "Bush decision on stem cell research," the value should be 31, not 1.

In Volume 2:

  • Appendix table 2-39 Excel. Data in the columns "All S&E fields" and "NS&E" have been revised.

  • Appendix table 3-10 Excel. The heading "Employed" should span the columns "All employed," "Full time," and "Part time."

  • Appendix table 7-9 Excel. The column head "Sex and education level" should be "Characteristics."

  • Appendix table 7-12 Excel. The column heads "The universe began with a huge explosion. (True)" and "Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals. (True)" should be followed by the footnote, "This question asked of slightly >75% of survey respondents."

The corrected version of these figures and tables is available in excel format on this web site.

National Science Board.