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S&T: The Global Picture
International R&D Performance
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Figure O-1 Estimated worldwide R&D expenditures: 1990–2003
Figure O-2 Government funds as share of gross expenditures for R&D: 1990–2004
Figure O-3 R&D expenditures of foreign-owned firms in United States and of U.S.-owned firms abroad: 1990–2002
Figure O-4 New international technology alliances by membership: 1980–2003
Figure O-5 Geographic distribution of U.S. firms' overseas R&D: 1994–2002
Figure O-6 R&D expenditures of selected region and countries: 1990–2003
Figure O-7 China's R&D expenditures relative to those of United States, Japan, and EU-25: 1991–2003
Figure O-8 Estimated number of industrial researchers, by country/region: 1981–2002
High Technology Markets
Figure O-9 Location of world's high-technology manufacturing output: 1990–2003
Figure O-10 High-technology share of total manufacturing, by country/region: 1990–2003
Figure O-11 Export market shares in high-technology goods, by country/region: 1990–2003
Figure O-12 U.S. trade balance for five high-technology industries: 1990–2003
Figure O-13 U.S. trade balance in high-technology goods: 2000–04
Figure O-14 U.S. patent applications by foreign-resident inventors: 1990–2003
Scientific Research
Figure O-15 Academic R&D expenditures: 1990–2003
Figure O-16 Academic R&D as share of total R&D, by country/economy: Most recent year
Figure O-17 Scientific and technical articles, by country/region: 1988–2003
Figure O-18 Share of U.S. articles among most-cited articles, total S&E: 1992–2003
Figure O-19 Share of scientific and technical articles with international coauthorship, by country/region: 1988, 1996, and 2003
Figure O-20 Portfolio of scientific and technical articles, by field and country/region: 2003
International Labor Forces, Students, and Degrees
Figure O-21a* Population 15 years old or older with tertiary education by country/region: 1980
Figure O-21b* Population 15 years old or older with tertiary education by country/region: 2000
Figure O-22 First university degrees, by region: 1997 and 2002
Figure O-23 First university degrees in NS&E as share of total first university degrees: 1997 and 2002
Figure O-24 NS&E degrees per 100 24-year-olds, by country/economy: Most recent year
Figure O-25 S&E doctorates awarded, by country/region: Most recent year
International Mobility
Figure O-27 Individuals with higher education living abroad, by country/region of origin: 1990 and 2000
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S&E Trends in the United States
The U.S. S&E labor Force
Figure O-28 Average annual growth of U.S. labor force, S&E occupations, and S&E degrees: 1960–2000
Figure O-29 Share of foreign-born scientists and engineers in U.S. S&E occupations, by degree level: 1990 and 2000
Figure O-30 S&E doctorates conferred by citizenship status and race/ethnicity: 1990–2003
Figure O-31 Foreign student plans to stay in United States after receipt of U.S. S&E doctorate: 1983–2003
Figure O-32 Origin of foreigners earning U.S. S&E doctorates: 1983–2003
Figure O-33 Student, exchange visitor, and other high-skill-related temporary visas issued: 1998–2005
Figure O-34 Change in first-time full-time graduate enrollment in S&E, by citizenship status: 2001–03
Figure O-35 Individuals in U.S. S&E labor force nearing retirement age, by degree level: 2003
Figure O-36 U.S. S&E bachelor's degrees earned by women and minorities: 1990, 1995, and 2001
Figure O-37 Composition of U.S. college-age cohort: 1990–2020
U.S. Academic R&D
Figure O-39 Expenditures for academic R&D by source of funds: 1990–2003
Figure O-40 Expenditures for academic research equipment as share of total academic R&D expenditures: 1990–2003
Doctoral Scientists and Engineers in Academia
Figure O-41 Faculty and tenure-track status of academic S&E doctorate holders 4–7 years after receipt of doctorate: 1989–2003
Figure O-42 Composition of academic doctoral S&E workforce by race/ethnicity, sex, and citizenship at degree conferral: 1989–2003
Figure O-43 Academic S&E doctorate holders receiving federal support for research: 1989 and 2003
Broader U.S. R&D Trends
Figure O-44 R&D expenditures by source of funds: 1990–2004
Figure O-45 Contracted-out U.S. industrial R&D: 1993–2003
Figure O-46 New strategic technology alliances involving U.S. firms: 1990–2003
Figure O-47 Federal Small Business Innovation Research funds, by phase: 1990–2003
Figure O-48 Venture capital disbursements, by stage of financing: 1994–2004
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