Table 2-3
Estimated average annual tuition fees of tertiary-type A educational institutions for full-time students, by type of institution: Academic year 2004
(U.S. dollars)
Country Public
OECD countries  
Australia 5,289 13,420
Austria 853 800
Belgium (Flemish)a 540 536
Belgium (French)a 658 751
Canada 3,267 NA
Czech Republic None 3,449
Denmark None NA
Finland None None
France 156–462 500–8,000
Germany NA NA
Greece NA NA
Hungary 351 991
Iceland None 3,000 (2,100–4,400)
Ireland NA NA
Italy 983 3,992
Japan 3,747 5,795 (4,769–25,486)
Korea 3,623 (1,955–7,743) 6,953 (2,143–9,771)
Luxembourg na na
Mexico NA NA
Netherlands na 1,565
New Zealandb 2,538 3,075
Norway None 4,000–6,500
Poland NA NA
Portugal 868 3,803
Slovak Republic None NA
Spain 801 (668–935) NA
Sweden None None
Switzerland 566–1,132 NA
Turkey 274 9,303–11,961
United Kingdom na 1,794
United States 4,587 17,777
Partner countries  
Chile 3,845 3,822
Israel 2,300 2,442

NA = not available; na = not applicable; OECD = Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
aTuition fees same in public and private institutions, but distribution of students differs between public and private institutions, explaining why weighted average not same.
bTertiary-type A includes advanced research programs.

NOTES: Academic year 2004 refers to 2003–04 school year. U.S. dollars converted using purchasing power parities (PPPs). PPPs are currency conversion rates that both convert to common currency and equalize purchasing power of different currencies and eliminate differences in price levels between countries in process of conversion. Amounts of tuition fees and associated proportions of students should be interpreted with caution because result from weighted average of main tertiary-type A programs and do not cover all educational institutions. However, figures reported can be considered good proxies and show difference among countries in tuition fees charged by main educational institutions for majority of students.

SOURCE: OECD, Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators 2006 (2006), See Annex 3 for notes, accessed 13 April 2007.

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