Table 5-16
S&E doctorate holders employed in academia reporting research as primary or secondary work activity, by degree field: 2006
(Percent distribution)
Degree field   All academic
  Research primary/
secondary activity
All fields   100.0   100.0
Physical sciences   14.6   14.7
Mathematics   6.3   6.2
Computer sciences   2.1   2.2
Life sciences   35.1   36.4
Psychology   12.9   11.2
Social sciences   18.2   17.7
Engineering   10.8   20.5

NOTES: Research includes basic or applied research, development, and design. Physical sciences include earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences. Detail may not add to total because of rounding.

SOURCE: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Survey of Doctorate Recipients 2006, special tabulations (preliminary data). See appendix tables 5-17 and 5-26.

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