[23] U.S. trade in software products is not a separate National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Technology Program (ATP) category in the official statistics but is included in the ATP category covering information and communications products. For this report, trade in software products is examined separately, in effect creating an 11th category (see figure 6-23).

[24] The U.S. dollar rose against other major currencies in the late 1990s and continued to rise until early 2002. The sharp rise in the dollar was a contributing factor in the broad-based decline in exports by U.S. manufacturers from 2000 to 2003. The U.S. export decline was also affected by slower rates of GDP growth experienced by some U.S. trading partners during that time, including the EU and Japan.

[25] Data on U.S. trade balance in advanced technology products during the 1990s is available at appendix table 6-3 in volume 2 of NSB (2002), accessible at