Table 6-17
Ranking of future high-technology export potential for larger developing countries: Selected years, 1996–2007
Country   1996   1999   2002   2005   2007
China   4   2   1   1   1
India   2   1   3   2   2
Russia   1   4   2   4   3
Mexico   5   6   5   5   4
Brazil   3   3   4   3   5
Indonesia   6   5   6   6   6

NOTES: Countries grouped by 2007 ranking. Developing countries classified as low or middle income by World Bank. Larger economies have 2004 gross domestic product ≥$750 billion expressed in 1990 purchasing power parities. Overall indicator is simple average of raw scores of four component indicators scaled to U.S. overall score. National orientation composed of an investment risk index, and questions addressing national strategy, implementation, entrepreneurship, and attitudes toward technology. Socioeconomic infrastructure composed of educational attainment and questions on national policies toward multinational investment and capital mobility. Technological infrastructure composed of number of scientists employed in R&D, electronic data processing purchases, and questions on technical training and education, industrial R&D, and technological mastery. Productive capacity composed of electronics production, and questions on supply of skilled labor and indigenous component supply and management capability.

SOURCES: Georgia Institute of Technology, Technology Policy and Assessment Center, High Tech Indicators: Technology-Based Competitiveness of 33 Nations. 2007 Final Report to National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics (2007); Conference Board and Groningen Growth and Development Centre, Total Economy Database (January 2007),; and World Bank,

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