Table 7-3
What people read in the newspaper: 2006
Type of news   2006
News stories about one's city, town, or region   91
National news stories   88
International news stories   84
Articles on health and medicine   77
Articles about technology   63
Editorial and opinion pages   60
Business and financial news   60
Articles about food, diet, cooking   55
News stories and columns about religion   51
Consumer tips on products and services   50
Sports section   48
Entertainment news   46
Obituaries   42
Comics, puzzles, and games   41
Articles and reviews about travel   39
Advertisements   35
Real estate section   32
TV/movie/entertainment information and schedules   29
Personal advice columns   28
Society pages, weddings/engagements/births   24

NOTES: Based on respondents reading newspaper "just about every day" or "sometimes". Data reflect those saying they spent "some time" or "a lot of time" reading type of news in newspaper.

SOURCE: Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, Online papers modestly boost newspaper readership: Maturing Internet news audience broader than deep (30 July 2006), Biennial News Consumption Survey (27 April–22 May 2006),, accessed 26 April 2007.

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