The National Science Board (Board) extends its appreciation to the staff of the National Science Foundation and to the many others, too numerous to list individually, who contributed to the preparation of this report. Primary responsibility for the production of the volume was assigned to the Science and Engineering Indicators Program under the direction of Rolf Lehming of the Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS); Lynda Carlson, Division Director; Mary J. Frase, Deputy Division Director; and the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, David W. Lightfoot, Assistant Director.

The authors of the manuscript were:

Overview. Robert K. Bell, Rolf Lehming, Alan I. Rapoport, SRS

Chapter 1. Martha Naomi Alt, Xianglei Chen, Jennifer Laird, MPR Associates; Lawrence Burton, SRS

Chapter 2. Joan S. Burrelli, SRS, Terry S. Woodin, EHR

Chapter 3. Mark C. Regets, SRS

Chapter 4. John E. Jankowski, Francisco A. Moris, Brandon Shackelford, Raymond M. Wolfe, SRS

Chapter 5. Ronda Britt, Joan S. Burrelli, Lawrence Burton, Leslie Christovich, Alan I. Rapoport, SRS

Chapter 6. Derek Hill, Lawrence M. Rausch, SRS

Chapter 7. Robert K. Bell, SRS

Chapter 8. Paula C. Dunnigan, Greg A. Palovchik, Taratec Corporation

John R. Gawalt, Rolfe W. Larson, and Alan I. Rapoport directed the physical production of the volume, which benefited from extensive contributions from SRS staff, especially Tanya Gore and Rajinder Raut. The Division’s senior staff and survey managers assured availability of data under often stringent deadlines: Richard J. Bennof, Ronda Britt, Leslie J. Christovich, Jaquelina Falkenheim, Susan T. Hill, Kelly H. Kang, Nirmala Kannankutty, Nancy Leach, Julia Oliver, John Tsapogas, and Raymond M. Wolfe. Pierre Perrolle, and Cheryl Roesel rendered special assistance. Stephen Cohen, Jock Black, Jeri M. Mulrow, Emilda B. Rivers, and Fan Zhang provided advice with statistical and data presentation issues. Jackie Durham provided helpful administrative assistance.

John R. Gawalt managed all editorial and printing services, and Peg Whalen provided invaluable Web direction and support. Web design, programming, and final production were performed by De Vo, Bridget Tuthill, Lee Amador, Jason Shaffer, Moe Than, Jessica Avison, and Richard Ashley of Compuware Corporation. Overall editing and coordination of the report was performed by Beverly Cook and associates of Lockheed Martin Business Process Solutions. Eileen Kessler and the staff of OmniStudio provided composition and production services for the print and electronic materials. Many others who provided much appreciated assistance either as reviewers or through their valuable substantive and statistical comments and expertise are listed under Contributors and Reviewers.

The Board Office provided vital coordination throughout the project. The Board is especially grateful to Kyscha Slater (Operations Support), Clara A. Englert (former Science Assistant to the S&E Indicators Subcommittee), Jennifer Lynn Richards (current Science Assistant to the S&E Indicators Subcommittee), Jean M. Pomeroy (Liaison to the S&E Indicators Subcommittee), and Alan I. Rapoport (Executive Secretary, S&E Indicators Subcommittee).

Cover Image

Cover imageThe cover for Science and Engineering Indicators 2008 celebrates the 2007–09 International Polar Year with a montage of photographic images from the Arctic and Antarctic regions. At the center is an ice cave at Loudwater Cove, on Anvers Island. Arcing above it are smaller images showing (right to left) the Beacon Valley field camp in the Dry Valleys of southern Victoria Land, a deepwater cnidarian, a female polar bear and her cub on sea ice, a skua chick, an aurora borealis, a sunset at Cape Hallett, and an LC-130 Hercules cargo aircraft. (Credit, ice cave: Zenobia Evans, National Science Foundation (NSF). Credits, images right to left: Josh Landis, NSF; Katrin Iken and Bodil Bluhm, University of Alaska, Fairbanks; The Hidden Ocean, Arctic 2005 Exploration; Ariana Owens, NSF; Patrick Smith; Ken Ryan, NSF; Jerry Marty, NSF).

Indicator cover in image format (.jpg)

Recommended Citation

National Science Board. 2008. Science and Engineering Indicators 2008. Two volumes. Arlington, VA: National Science Foundation (volume 1, NSB 08-01; volume 2, NSB 08-01A).