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Continued Surpluses From U.S. Trade in Knowledge-Intensive Services and Intangible Assets

Unlike U.S. trade in high-technology products, U.S. trade in commercial knowledge-intensive services—business, financial, and communications services—has produced a consistent and growing surplus (figure O-35 ). The trade balance widened from $21 billion in 1997 to nearly $50 billion in 2007, as exports grew faster than imports. Likewise, U.S. trade in intangible assets—payments for the use of others' property rights in the production of goods, trademarks, use of computer software, books, records, franchise fees, and the like—exhibited a similar trend of growing surpluses, which reached nearly $60 billion in 2007.


Science and Engineering Indicators 2010   Arlington, VA (NSB 10-01) | January 2010