Table 1-1
Indicators of elementary and secondary school mathematics and science education
Topic Indicator
Student learning in mathematics and science • Elementary/middle school achievement in mathematics and science (longitudinal data)
• Fourth and eighth graders' mathematics achievement (cross-sectional data)
• International comparisons of fourth and eighth graders' mathematics and science achievement (cross-sectional data)
• International comparisons of 15-year-olds' mathematics achievement (cross-sectional data)
Teachers of mathematics and science • Degrees, certification, and experience of fifth and eighth grade teachers of mathematics and science
• Professional development
• Teacher salaries
• Teachers' working conditions
Availability and use of instructional technology • Access to computers and the Internet
• Computer and Internet use in eighth grade
• Distance education
Student transitions to higher education • High school graduation rates
• Advanced Placement (AP) mathematics and science coursetaking and test performance
• International comparisons of secondary school graduation rates
• High school courses and postsecondary success
• Immediate college enrollment
• International comparisons of college enrollment rates

Science and Engineering Indicators 2010