Table 1-5
Average TIMSS mathematics scores of students in grades 4 and 8 in selected nations, relative to U.S. average: 2007
Nation Grade 4     Nation Grade 8
United States 529     United States 508
Score higher than U.S.   Score higher than U.S.  
Hong Kong SARa 607 Chinese Taipei 598
Singapore 599 Republic of Korea 597
Chinese Taipei 576 Singapore 593
Japan 568 Hong Kong SARa 572
Russian Federation 544 Japan 570
England 541    
Score not statistically different from U.S.   Score not statistically different from U.S.  
Germany 525 Hungary 517
Denmark 523 England 513
    Russian Federation 512
    Czech Republic 504
Score lower than U.S.   Score lower than U.S.  
Australia 516 Australia 496
Hungary 510 Sweden 491
Italy 507 Italy 480
Sweden 503 Malaysia 474
Czech Republic 486 Norway 469
Norway 473 Thailand 441
    Indonesia 397

TIMSS = Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study
aHong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China.

NOTES: Scores on separate 0–1000 scales for each grade. Nations ordered by 2007 average score, within categories. A few nations did not meet TIMSS guidelines for sampling, participation rates, or related issues, and are omitted here. (They are included in appendix table 1-9, which lists all nations.) For details, see source report. Tests for significance take into account the standard error for the reported difference.

SOURCES: Gonzales P, Williams T, Jocelyn L, Roey S, Kastberg D, Brenwald S, Highlights From TIMSS 2007: Mathematics and Science Achievement of U.S. Fourth- and Eighth-Grade Students in an International Context, NCES 2009–001 (2008), table 9; and International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement data (2007). See appendix table 1-9.

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