Table 7-3
Visits to informal science and other cultural institutions, by country/region: Most recent year
Institution United States,
South Korea,
Zoo/aquariuma 50 36 52 28 27 9 43
Natural history museum 27 NA 14 NA NA NA 20
Science/technology museumb 26 11 17 4 16 1 13
Public library 64 34 41 25 34 16 47
Art museum 32 34 18 12 23 7 35

NA = not available, question not asked

EU = European Union

a "Zoo, botanic garden, or environmental park" for Brazil, "Zoo, aquarium, or botanic garden" for China, "Zoo" for Russia.
b "Science museums or technology museums or science centers" for EU.

NOTES: Responses to (United States, Japan, Korea) I am going to read you a short list of places and ask you to tell me how many times you visited each type of place during the last year, that is, the last 12 months (Percentage includes those who visited each institution one or more times); (EU, Russia, China, Brazil) Which of the following have you visited in the last twelve months (Multiple answers possible).

SOURCES: (United States) University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center, General Social Survey (2008); Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (formerly Korea Science Foundation), Survey of Public Attitudes Toward and Understanding of Science and Technology (2008); Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Public Understanding of Science and Attitudes towards Science and Technology, 2007 (2008); (Brazil) Ministry of Science and Technology, Public Perceptions of Science and Technology (2007); (EU) Eurobarometer 224/Wave 63.1: Europeans, Science and Technology (2005); (Russia) British Council, Russian Public Opinion of the Knowledge Economy (2004); Japan National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, The 2001 Survey of Public Attitudes Toward and Understanding of Science & Technology in Japan (2001). See appendix table 7-6 for U.S. trends.

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