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The revisions below were made after Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 was printed.

March 2010

"Country" has been corrected to "location" in narrative that includes Taiwan.

Chapter 3
Table 3-21, estimates and percents for "GSS" have been replaced with corrected numbers in the three rows for "Higher education institutions."

January 2011

Chapter 3. The label "postsecondary teachers/education administrators" has been corrected to "postsecondary teachers" in sidebar figures 3-A and 3-B and sidebar table 3-B, and the following data corrections have been made:

  • Sidebar figure 3-A, the value for "postsecondary teachers" has been corrected from 22.2 to 22.9.
  • Sidebar table 3-B, data in the rows "Computer programmers" and "Postsecondary teachers" have been replaced with corrected numbers.
  • Appendix table 3-2, the value for the last column of "Postsecondary teachers" was omitted. It is 39.6.

April 2011

Chapter 3
Appendix table 3-7, the spanner head "Business/industry" has been corrected to exclude the column "Not working." Data in this column are not included in "All business/industry" totals.

Chapter 4
Sidebar "Public Investment in Energy R&D" and sidebar figures 4-A and 4-B, the definition of R&D (research, development, and demonstration) has been corrected to the broader "RD&D" (research, development, demonstration, and deployment).


Science and Engineering Indicators 2010   Arlington, VA (NSB 10-01) | January 2010