Science & Engineering Indicators - 1993


The National Science Board extends its appreciation to the staff of the National Science Foundation for preparing the report.

Organizational responsibility for the volume was assigned to the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, Cora B. Marrett, Assistant Director.

Primary responsibility for the production of the volume was assigned to the Indicators Program, under the direction of Jennifer Sue Bond of the Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), Kenneth M. Brown, Director. The Office of Planning Assessment (OPA) and the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) also contributed to portions of the report.

The manuscript was written primarily by NSF staff:

Overview: Jennifer Sue Bond, SRS
Chapter 1: Daniel C. Humphrey, Kelly W. Collopy, Karen L.M. Paton, and Amy M. Hightower, consultants under the direction of Larry Suter, EHR.
Chapter 2: Jean M. Johnson, SRS
Chapter 3: Melissa Pollak, SRS
Chapter 4: John E. Jankowski, Jr., SRS
Chapter 5: Rolf F. Lehming, OPA and Alan I. Rapoport, OPA
Chapter 6: Lawrence M. Rausch, SRS
Chapter 7: Jon D. Miller, Chicago Academy of Sciences under contract to SRS

Jean M. Johnson, SRS, directed the physical production of the volume; Deborah A. Collins, SRS, made statistical contributions; Vellamo Lahti, SRS, provided secretarial support; and Martha James provided administrative assistance.

Overall editing of the report was performed by Nita Congress, consultant. Eileen Kessler, John Bockelman and the staff of Studio Services provided composition services. Patricia Hughes and Pat Bryant of the NSF Publication Services Section were responsible for the desktop publishing and printing process.