Science & Engineering Indicators - 1993

Appendix B: Contributors and Reviewers

The following people contributed to the report by reviewing chapters or sections, providing data, or otherwise assisting in its preparation. Their help is greatly appreciated.

Cathy Ailes, SRI International
Mikael Akerblom, Central Statistical Office, Finland
Alexander W. Astin, University of California at Los Angeles

Joel L. Barries, U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad
John Baugh, Stanford University
Tage Berglund, Statistics Sweden
Ann Bisconti, U.S. Council for Energy
William A. Blanpied, National Science Foundation
Frank Blom, Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics
Myles G. Boylan, National Science Foundation
Mary V. Burke, National Science Foundation
Lawrence Burton, National Science Foundation

Genvieve Canceill, Ministry of Education, France
Sandy Chamblee, National Institutes of Health
David Chananie, National Institutes of Health
Wesley Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University
Dale Compton, Purdue University
Roman Czujko, American Institute of Physics

Robert Dauffenbach, University of Oklahoma
Lester Davis, Department of Commerce
Catherine Didion, Association for Women in Science

Alan Fechter, National Research Council
Michael G. Finn, Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Anne Fitzgerald, The Irish Science and Technology Agency
Mary Frase, National Center for Education Statistics
Lars Peter Frederiksen, Ministry of Education, Denmark

Jean Gabolde, Commission for the European Communities
John R. Gawalt, National Science Foundation
James Gibson, University of Houston
Margaret Giglitto, Consultant
Richard Gisser, Austrian Central Statistical Office
Howard Gobstein, Association of American Universities
Leonid Gokhberg, Center for Science Research and Statistics, Russia
M.R.C. Greenwood, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Florence Heckman, National Science Foundation
John R. Heizer, Department of Commerce
Susan T. Hill, National Science Foundation
Catherine J. Hines, National Science Foundation
Cynthia Holme, Universities Statistical Records, U.K.
Sarah Horrigan, Office of Management and Budget
James G. Huckenpahler, National Science Foundation
E. Stephen Hunt, National Center for Education Statistics

Fumihiko Kakizaki, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Japan
Herschel Kanter, Institute for Defense Analysis
Martha A. Krebs, Department of Energy
Carlos Kruytbosch, National Science Foundation
Ronald E. Kutscher, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Donald N. Langenberg, University of Maryland
Janusz Larek, Polish Academy of Sciences
Charles F. Larson, Industrial Research Institute, Inc.
Andrew Latham, Educational Testing Service
Albert N. Link, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M. Marge Machen, National Science Foundation
Patricia E. McKinley, National Institutes of Health
Ronald L. Meeks, National Science Foundation
Earl F. Mellor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Th. Meyer, Federal Office of Statistics, Switzerland
Jane S. Myers, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Istvan Mezei, Hungarian Embassy
Aura Micali, The National Institute of Statistics, Italy
L. Scott Miller, Council for Aid to Education
Mary Ellen Mogee, Mogee Research and Analysis Associates
John Moore, George Mason University
Robert Morgan, Washington University
David C. Mowery, University of California at Berkeley
Richard H. Mullins, Department of Commerce

Francis Narin, CHI Research Inc.
Roger G. Noll, Stanford University
Mary Jo Nye, University of Oklahoma

Dawn Oberman, College Placement Council, Inc.
C.T. Peng, Coordination Council for North American Affairs (Taiwan)
Don I. Phillips, Government, University, Industry Research Roundtable
Linda Pifer, Northern Illinois University
Alan L. Porter, Georgia Institute of Technology
J. Thomas Ratchford, George Mason University
M. Dolores Rebollo, National Institute of Statistics, Spain
Proctor P. Reid, National Academy of Engineering
J. David Roessner, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sharon P. Robinson, Department of Education
F. James Rutherford, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Merrill Shanks, University of California at Berkeley
Carl Shepherd, Department of Commerce
Barry J. Smernoff, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
Kimberly Stevens, CHI Research Inc.
Richard Stevens, Department of Energy
Donald E. Stokes, Princeton University
Larry E. Suter, National Science Foundation
Gregory C. Tassey, National Institute for Standards and Technology
Albert Teich, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Roland Tibbetts, National Science Foundation
Marta Tienda, University of Chicago
John Tsapogas, National Science Foundation

Shelley Wetzel, Visual Impressions
R. Keith Wilkinson, National Science Foundation
Raymond M. Wolfe, National Science Foundation
Andrew Wyckoff, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Tetsiro Yamane, Ministry of Education, Japan
Jeremy Yamin, National Council for Science and Technology, Mexico
Alison Young, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development