Science & Engineering Indicators - 1993

Appendix C: Abbreviations

AMS		American Mathematical Society
APL		Applied Physics Laboratory
ARPA		Advanced Research Projects Agency

BEA		Bureau of Economic Analysis
BLS		Bureau of Labor Statistics
BRDPI		biomedical research and development price index

CAD/CAM		computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing
CCSSO		Council of Chief State School Officers
CFC		chlorofluorocarbon
CRADA		cooperative research and development agreement

DOC		Department of Commerce
DOD		Department of Defense
DOE		Department of Energy

EAE		emerging Asian economy
EC		European Community
EPA		Environmental Protection Agency
EPO		European Patent Office

FCCSET		Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology
FFRDC		federally funded research and  development center
FTE		full-time equivalent
FTTA		Federal Technology Transfer Act
FY		fiscal year

GDP		gross domestic product
GPA		grade point average
GSP		gross state product 
GSS		General Social Survey
GUF		general university funds

HHS		Department of Health and Human Services

IAEP		International Assessment of Educational Progress
IR&D		independent research and development
ISIC		International Standard Industrial Classification

JRV		joint research and development venture

LSAY		Longitudinal Study of American Youth

MER		market exchange rate

NAEP		National Assessment of Educational Progress
NASA		National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCRA		National Cooperative Research Act of 1984
NCTM		National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCTTA		National Competitiveness Technology Transfer Act
NELS:88		National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988
NIE		newly industrialized economy
NIH		National Institutes of Health
NIST		National Institute for Standards and Technology
NS&E		natural science and engineering
NSF		National Science Foundation
NSTC		National Science and Technology Council

OECD		Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OES		Occupational Employment Statistics

PC		personal computer
PCAST		President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
PECC		Pacific Economic Cooperation Council
P.L.		public law
PPP		purchasing power parity

R&D		research and development
R&E		research and experimentation
RA		research assistantship
RDNA		recombinant DNA
RDT&E		research, development, test, and evaluation

S&E		science and engineering
S&T		science and technology
SAT		Scholastic Aptitude Test
SBA		Small Business Administration
SBIR		Small Business Innovation Research
SDR		Survey of Doctorate Recipients
SIMS		Second International Mathematics Study
SIR		statutory invention registration
SISS		Second International Science Study
SME		science, mathematics, and engineering

TA		teaching assistantship
TRP		Technology Reinvestment Program
UIRC		university-industry research center
UNESCO		United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
USDA		Department of Agriculture

WPIL		World Patent Index Latest