Science & Engineering Indicators - 1993

			  Letter of Transmittal

			 4210 Wilson Boulevard
			 ARLINGTON, VA  22230

                                                   December 8, 1993

The Honorable
The President of the United States
The White House
Washington, DC  20500
My Dear Mr. President:

It is my honor to transmit to you, and through you to the Congress, the eleventh in the series of biennial Science Indicators reports--Science and Engineering Indicators--1993. The National Science Board is submitting this report in accordance with Sec. 4 (j) (1) of the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, as amended.

The Science and Engineering Indicators report provides policymakers in both the public and private sectors with a broad base of quantitative information about U.S. science and engineering research and education and U.S. technology in a global context. The data and analysis in this report are especially relevant to our Nation during these first years of the Post-Cold War era.

Science and technology, including basic research, are key factors in meeting our strategic goals of improved international competitiveness and enhanced health and economic and social well-being. The Science and Engineering Indicators report series contributes to a better understanding of the science and technology enterprise and will be helpful as together we define and assess priorities and accomplishments.

Mr. President, the National Science Board is proud to note that the Science and Engineering Indicators report is internationally renowned and has become a model for other countries. I join my colleagues on the National Science Board in expressing the hope that you, your Administration and the Congress will find this report useful as you set priorities, make decisions on investments and seek solutions to our national problems.

                                                   Respectfully yours,

							James J. Duderstadt