Appendix C

AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
AASAmerican Astronomical Society
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACTAmerican College Test
AGVSautomatic guided vehicle systems
ASRSautomatic storage and retrieval systems
AMSAmerican Mathematical Society
APLApplied Physics Laboratory
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency
ATEAdvanced Technology Education Program
ATPAdvanced Technology Program
BEABureau of Economic Analysis
BLSBureau of Labor Statistics
BRDPIbiomedical research and development price index
CAD/CAMcomputer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing
CASPARComputer Aided Science Policy Analysis and Research Database System
CCSSOCouncil of Chief State School Officers
CHCCommerce and Housing Credit
CIICurrent Impact Index
COSEPUPCommittee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy
CPSCurrent Population Surveys
CRADAcooperative research and development agreement
CTcomputed tomography

DOCDepartment of Commerce
DODDepartment of Defense
DOEDepartment of Energy
DRIData Resources Inc.
EAEemerging Asian economy
ECEuropean Community
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPOEuropean Patent Office
EPSCoRExperimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
EWCEngineering Workforce Commission
FCCSETFederal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology
FFRDCfederally funded research and development center
FTEfull-time equivalent
FTTAFederal Technology Transfer Act
FYfiscal year
G7Group of seven countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States)
GAOGovernment Accounting Office
GDPgross domestic product
GPAgrade point average
GPRAGovernment Performance and Results Act
GSPgross state product
GSSGeneral Social Survey
GUFgeneral university funds
HHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
HS&BHigh School and Beyond
IAEPInternational Assessment of Educational Progress
IIEInstitute of International Education
INSImmigration and Naturalization Service
IOFinvoluntary out-of-field rate
IR&Dindependent research and development
ISIInstitute of Scientific Information
ISICInternational Standard Industrial Classification
ITinformation technology
IUTInstitut Universitaires de Technologie
JAISTJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
JRVjoint research and development venture
LDRClearning disability research centers
LSAYLongitudinal Study of American Youth
MERmarket exchange rate
MRImagnetic resonance imagery
NAEPNational Assessment of Educational Progress
NAISTNational Institute of Science and Technology
NASNational Academy of Sciences
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCESNational Center for Education Statistics
NCRANational Cooperative Research Act of 1984
NCTMNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCTTANational Competitiveness Technology Transfer Act
NELS:88National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988
NIEnewly industrialized economy
NIHNational Institutes of Health
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NRCNational Research Council
NS&Enatural sciences and engineering
NSCGNational Survey of College Graduates
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSPFNational Study of Postsecondary Faculty
NSSMENational Survey of Science and Mathematics Education
NSTANational Science Teachers Association
NSTCNational Science and Technology Council
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OESOccupational Employment Statistics
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OSEPOffice of Science and Engineering Personnel
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
OSTPOffice of Science and Technology Policy
PCpersonal computer
PCASTPresident's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
P.L.public law
POSTECHPohang University of Science & Technology
PPPpurchasing power parity
R&Dresearch and development
R&Eresearch and experimentation
RAresearch assistantship
RDNArecombinant DNA
RDT&Eresearch, development, test, and evaluation
S&Escience and engineering
S&Tscience and technology
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
SBASmall Business Administration
SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research
SCIScience Citation Index
SDRSurvey of Doctorate Recipients
SEDSurvey of Earned Doctorates
SESTATScientists and Engineers Statistics Data System
SICStandard Industrial Classification
SIMSSecond International Mathematics Study
SIR statutory invention registration
SISSSecond International Science Study
SITCstandard international trade classification
SMEscience, mathematics, and engineering
SRSDivision of Science Resources Studies
SSELStandard Statistical Establishment List
STSSections de Technicien Suprieur
TAteaching assistantship
TCTtechnology cycle time
TRPTechnology Reinvestment Program
TTStrade and technical schools
U&Cuniversities and colleges
UIRCuniversity-industry research center
UNESCOUnited Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
VRvirtual reality