The National Science Board extends its appreciation to the staff of the National Science Foundation for preparing this report.

Organizational responsibility for the volume was assigned to the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, Bennett I. Bertenthal, Assistant Director.

Primary responsibility for the production of the volume was assigned to the Science and Engineering Indicators Program, under the direction of Jennifer Sue Bond of the Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), Jeanne E. Griffith, Director. The Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) also contributed to portions of the report.

The primary authors of the manuscript were:

Overview: Jennifer Sue Bond, SRS
Chapter 1: Patricia Butler, Westat, and James S. Dietz, EHR, under the direction of Larry E. Suter, EHR
Chapter 2: Jean M. Johnson, SRS
Chapter 3: R. Keith Wilkinson, SRS, and Mark C. Regets, SRS
Chapter 4: Melissa Pollak, SRS, and John E. Jankowski, Jr., SRS
Chapter 5: Rolf Lehming, SRS, and Alan Rapoport, SRS
Chapter 6: Lawrence M. Rausch, SRS
Chapter 7: Jon D. Miller and Linda Kimmel, Chicago Academy of Sciences, under contract to SRS
Chapter 8: Maria Papadakis, James Madison University, under contract to SRS

Jennifer Sue Bond, Melissa Pollak, and Jean M. Johnson directed the physical production of the volume; Nancy M. Conlon, SRS, Deborah A. Collins, SRS, Damien Terouanne, SRS Intern, and Elmer Yglesias, SRS Intern, made substantive and statistical contributions; Vellamo Lahti, SRS, provided secretarial support; and Martha James, SRS, provided administrative assistance. Additional valuable assistance was received from the contributors and reviewers listed in Appendix B. The entire SRS staff generously provided both data and expertise.

Overall editing and coordination of the report was performed by Nita Congress and her associate editors (listed in Appendix B). Eileen Kessler and the staff of OmniDigital Studio, Inc., provided desktop publishing and composition services. Anne M. Houghton, SRS Publications Manager, managed the editing and composition contracts and provided guidance for the production of the report. Patricia Hughes of the NSF Publication Services Section managed the printing process. John Gawalt, SRS, was responsible for making this publication available on the World Wide Web ( Web design, programming and HTML coding were performed by Debbie Fleming, Andy Black, De Vo, Marjorie Silvernail, Kathy Barquin, and Carol Quinlan of Compuware Corporation.

NSF's Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (OLPA), under the guidance of Julia A. Moore, Director, provided media and Congressional liaison support for the report. Special thanks go to Mary E. Hanson and Bill Noxon for media support and Joel M. Widder, Deputy Director, and Shirley Day for Congressional relations support.

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Felice Frankel, MIT Artist in Residence and Research Scientist, believes that bringing an aesthetic component to scientific imagery is one way of making science more accessible. Her photograph of Proteus colonies growing in patterns on a petri dish captures part of James Shapiro's research at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chicago. The scale reference for the image is 5 cm.

Frankel collaborates with investigators in numerous disciplines, creating images that have appeared on the covers and pages of various journals. Her most recent collaboration is the book On the Surface of Things (Chronicle Books), with text by George M. Whitesides, Mallinckrodt Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University.

Cover design by Felice Frankel, MIT Artist-in-Residence and Research Scientist.

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National Science Board, Science &
Engineering Indicators -- 1998
. Arlington, VA:
National Science Foundation, 1998 (NSB 98-1).

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