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Women, Minorities, and Persons With Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 1994 was prepared by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS). Kenneth M. Brown, Director, and Alan R. Tupek, Deputy Director, SRS, and Cora B. Marrett, Assistant Director for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, provided guidance and review.
Preparation of the report was the responsibility of staff of the Education and Human Resources Program, SRS. Staff members worked as a team, with each member assuming primary and secondary responsibilities for topic development and aspects of report preparation. Members were:

Mary J. Golladay, Program Director
Carolyn Arena
Lawrence Burton
Nancy M. Conlon
Kira Crockett
Susan T. Hill
Eliza J. Hizell
J.G. Huckenpöhler
Theodosia I. Jacobs
Ann T. Lanier

Other persons making major contributions to report content and analysis were:

Carolyn Shettle, SRS
Samuel Peng, U.S. Department of Education
Sheila McConnell, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Editing and production of the report were performed by The KEVRIC Company, Inc. Staff responsible for the project were:

Kitty Stone, Editor
Crystal Briscoe
Denise K. Dabney
Veronica Johnson
Wendy B. Osborne
Allison I. Porter

Many other individuals provided assistance at critical steps of report preparation. Administrative and production support were provided by Martha James, Julia Harriston, David Saia, and Eric Sedlacek, all of SRS. Writing assistance was provided by Jeffrey Porro, Porro Associates. Patricia Hughes and Patricia Bryant of the NSF Publication Services handled production and printing arrangements.
Members of the NSF Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE) met several times with program staff to discuss ideas and data presentations and to review progress. The assistance and support of committee members is greatly appreciated.

Jane Butler Kahle, CEOSE Chair, Miami University
Marsha Findlay Bourque, British Petroleum Exploration, Inc
Charles R. Bowen, IBM Corporation (retired)
Jeannette Brown, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Betty Davidson, Boston Museum of Science
Jacquelynne E. Eccles, University of Michigan
David Glover, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
David L. Goodstein, California Institute of Technology
Richard Nichols, ORBIS Associates
Patti Ota, Lehigh University
Anne S. Pruitt, Ohio State University
Robert Romero, Marathon Petroleum Technology Center
Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
Henry N. Williams, University of Maryland

Contributors and Reviewers

The following people provided data, allowed their research results to be presented, reviewed chapters or sections, or otherwise assisted in report preparation. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Joseph Alonzo, New School for Social Research
Joshua Aronson, Stanford University
Eleanor Babco, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
Linda Bayley, University of California, Los Angeles
Jennifer Sue Bond, National Science Foundation
Kimiko Bowman, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Jomills Braddock, II, University of Miami
Ted Britton, The Network, Inc.
Joan Burrelli, American Chemical Society
Sharon Bush, National Research Council
Carin Celebuski, Westat, Inc.
David Chananie, National Institutes of Health
Sheldon Clark, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Aurora d'Amico, Department of Education
Barbara K. DePaul, Quantum Research Corporation
Sanford M. Dornbusch, Stanford University
Ada M. Elam, National Association for Equal Opportunity
Richard Ellis, Engineering Workforce Commission
Henry Etzkowitz, State University of New York, Purchase
Helen Farmer, University of Illinois
Michael Finn, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Deborah Fort, Association of Women in Science, consultant
Fabrizio R. Golino, Quantum Research Corporation
Gerilee Grandy, Educational Testing Service
Beth Goodrich, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Ana Margarita Guzman, Texas A&M University
Rhona C. Hartman, American Council on Education
Cathy Henderson, American Council on Education, consultant
Nancy M. Hewitt, University of Colorado
Norbert S. Hill, Jr., American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Jean M. Johnson, National Science Foundation
Joseph S. Johnston, Association of American Colleges
Carol Kemelgor, State University of New York, Purchase
Carlos E. Kruytbosch, National Science Foundation
Melissa J. Lane, National Science Foundation
John N. Lewis, Quantum Research Corporation
John M. McNeil, Bureau of the Census
Cheryl Mason, San Diego State University
James Maxwell, American Mathematical Society
Earl Mellor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Jon D. Miller, Chicago Academy of Sciences
Susan Mitchell, National Research Council
Jeanne Narum, The Independent Colleges Office
Edward Necefer, Haskell Indian Junior College
Maresi Nerad, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Neuschatz, American Institute of Physics
Lois Nicholson, National Research Council
George J. Nozicka, Quantum Research Corporation
Daniel Pasquini, National Research Council
Willie Pearson, Jr., Wake Forest University
Kent Phillippe, American Association of Community Colleges
Melissa Pollak, National Science Foundation
Mark C. Regets, National Science Foundation
Carlos M. Rodríguez, Pelavin Associates
Lawrence A. Scadden, National Science Foundation
Elaine Seymour, University of Colorado
Susan M. Shaman, University of Pennsylvania
Thomas Snyder, Department of Education
Claude M. Steele, Stanford University
Virginia Stern, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Larry E. Suter, National Science Foundation
Peter Syverson, Council of Graduate Schools
Lori Thurgood, National Research Council
John Tsapogas, National Science Foundation
Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University
Jean E. Vanski, National Science Foundation
Wanda E. Ward, National Science Foundation
Patricia E. White, National Science Foundation
Daniel Wildcat, Haskell Indian Junior College
R. Keith Wilkinson, National Science Foundation
Summer Whitener, Department of Education
Robert Ziomek, American College Testing Program

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