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Organization of the Chapter

The chapter has two major sections. The first discusses diversity in the current S&E labor market and contrasts the 1990 S&E labor market with that of 1980. The second major section presents information pertaining to job equity. It starts with an introductory section that provides a brief overview of key facts important for understanding equity in the labor market. The section then focuses in turn on each of the following groups: women, Asians, Hispanics, blacks, American Indians, and persons with disabilities. For each group, the following will be presented:
Background information on equity issues related to the group, including data on each group's representation within various S&E fields and the change between 1980 and 1990 in each group's representation in the S&E labor force;
Information on unemployment, underemployment, and the median salary of doctoral scientists and engineers within the group; and
Information on employment of doctoral scientists and engineers within academia and their achievements in terms of academic rank and tenure.

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