NSF's FY 1998 budget request marks a significant step forward toward upholding U.S. leadership in science and engineering. The request provides NSF with an overall increase of 3 percent, which would enable the agency to pursue a number of emerging opportunities that hold immense potential both from a scientific standpoint and as drivers of economic growth and social benefit.

NSF FY 1998 Request by Appropriation

(Millions of Dollars)

These focused efforts draw upon NSF's strong linkages across all science and engineering fields, as well as the agency's commitment to the integration of research and education and to working in partnership with academic institutions, private industry, and other agencies at all levels of government. Furthermore, because NSF invests in both people and infrastructure, the Foundation's programs enable the nation to take full advantage of the potential offered by these emerging areas of science and technology. NSF also continues to participate in the interagency U.S. Global Change Research Program and High Performance Computing and Communications program.

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