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Continue Your Research


May I continue my research while at NSF?

NSF has an Independent Research/Development (IR/D) program that permits individuals with approved IR/D plans to maintain involvement with their professional research. IR/D plans might include time, travel expenses, and research costs, and must be approved in advance (typically annually) by the supervisor and the human resources and legal staffs.

Can I submit a proposal for NSF funds as a rotator?

You can only submit a proposal for NSF funds if it is a continuation or extension of previously funded NSF work. Certain other restrictions may apply.

While I am at NSF as a rotator, can I apply for funding from other Federal agencies?

You can apply for funding from other Federal agencies if those agencies permit; however, NSF does place some restrictions on such funding. If you wish to pursue such funding, contact your NSF Conflict of Interest Official for further guidance.

After I leave my rotator position, how long do I have to wait to apply for NSF funding?

You can apply the very next day as the principal investigator, as long as you assign a substitute negotiator for 1 year.