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NSF & Congress

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution Funding NSF, Other Government Agencies Through Dec. 9

September 29, 2016

U.S. Capitol
Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) that funds the federal government through Dec. 9. By votes of 342-85 and 72-26, the House and Senate approved H.R. 5325 on Sept. 28. President Obama has signed the bill. It extends funding at current levels for most agencies for 10 weeks and avoids a government shutdown that would have occurred when the current fiscal year (FY) ends on Friday, Sept. 30. The measure also includes funds for fighting the Zika virus. The House and Senate are in recess and will return to work on providing appropriations for the rest of FY 2018 in a "lame duck" session after the November elections.

On Sept. 22, Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy, NSF Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources (EHR), testified at a hearing held by the Information Technology Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on "Closing the Talent Gap in Federal IT." Ferrini-Mundy highlighted several NSF programs that play an important role in closing the talent gap in federal information technology (IT) and in the IT workforce, including CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service and Advanced Technological Education programs. Her testimony is available here.

President Obama announced on Sept. 16 his intent to appoint W. Kent Fuchs, president of the University of Florida, and Julia M. Phillips, Executive Emeritus at Sandia National Laboratories, as members of the National Science Board.


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