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NSF & Congress

MRE Review and Approval Chart

First Column: MRE Pipeline Project

  • Scientific community defines need/concept
  • NSF Originating Organization submits
  • MRE Panel reviews
  • Inclusion in Visionary Pipeline List
  • Director discusses with NSB & OMB

Next Column: MRE Account Candidate

  • NSF Originating Organization proposes
  • MRE Panel reviews & recommends
  • Director selects candidates (for NSB submission)

Next Column: NSB Approved Project

  • NSF Originating Organization prepares
  • DRB reviews
  • Director submits
  • NSB approves projects for inclusion in future budget request

Next Column: Budget Request

  • Director selects MRE projects
  • NSB reviews & approves budget
  • NSF submits budget
  • OMB reviews budget request

Next Column: Budget Approval

  • Congress reviews & appropriates
  • Director allocates funds for MRE projects

Next Column: RFP/Program Solicitation

  • NSF Program Manager/Project Advisory Team prepare RFP/Program Solicitation
  • DRB reviews RFPs
  • Director and NSB approve RFPs

Next Column: MRE Award(s)

  • NSF Originating Organization recommends (merit review process)
  • DRB reviews
  • Director and NSB approve

Next Column: Technical and Business Implementation

  • Originating Organization, LFP Deputy & Business Operations oversee
  • MRE Panel approves project management plan
  • Director & NSB review project status