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Important Historical Dates

APRIL 27, 1950

Final passage by House of Representatives of bill creating the National Science Foundation. House passed the original bill, H.R. 4846, on March 1 by 247-126 vote.

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APRIL 28, 1950

Final passage of science bill by the Senate. Original Senate bill, S.247, was passed on March 18.

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MAY 10, 1950

President Harry S. Truman signed the bill creating the National Science Foundation. Truman announced this signing in the morning from the rear platform of a train in Pocatello, Idaho.

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SEPTEMBER 27, 1950

NSF's first budget of $225,000 was approved by President Truman.

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NOVEMBER 2, 1950

President Truman announced his appointments to the National Science Board.

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DECEMBER 12, 1950

The first meeting took place of the National Science Board in the White House.

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