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The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Recipient Search Results

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The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Recipient Search Results
Name Affiliation NSF Directorate Award Year
Zurk, Lisa Portland State University ENG 2006
Zornberg, Jorge University of Colorado Boulder ENG 2001
Zhang, Zhuomin University of Florida ENG 1999
Zhai, ChengXIang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CISE 2004
Yu, Michael Johns Hopkins University MPS 2007
Yin, John Dartmouth College Unknown 1996
Yildiz, Ahmet University of California, Berkeley BIO 2012
Wysession, Michael Washington University in St. Louis Unknown 1996
Wu, Junqiao University of California, Berkeley MPS 2012
Winfree, Erik California Institute of Technology CISE 2001
Williams, Benjamin University of California-Los Angeles ENG 2013
Wilbourn, Makeba Duke University SBE 2014
Westdickenberg, Maria Georgia Institute of Technology MPS 2010
Wendell, Kristen University of Massachusetts-Boston EHR 2013
Wehrheim, Katrin Massachusetts Institute of Technology MPS 2009
Weavers, Linda Ohio State University ENG 2001
Waters, Brent University of Texas at Austin CISE 2011
Ward, Joy University of Kansas BIO 2008
Wang, Janet University of Arizona CISE 2005
Walther, Joachim University of Georgia ENG 2013
Walker, Joan University of California, Berkeley ENG 2007
Walczyk, Daniel Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ENG 1998
Waks, Edo University of Maryland, College Park ENG 2009
Wakeley, John Harvard University BIO 2002
von Ahn, Luis Carnegie Mellon University CISE 2011
Volovich, Anastasia Brown University MPS 2007
Vielma Centeno, Juan Pablo Massachusetts Institute of Technology ENG 2014
Vernerey, Franck University of Colorado, Boulder ENG 2014
Verdoorn, Todd Vanderbilt University Medical Center Unknown 1996
Venn, Kimberley Macalester College Unknown 2000
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