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The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Recipient Search Results

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The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Recipient Search Results
Name Affiliation NSF Directorate Award Year
Henrich, Joseph Emory University BCS 2003
Abate, Adam University of California at San Francisco BIO 2013
Altizer, Sonia University of Georgia BIO 2007
Bezanilla, Magdalena University of Massachusetts BIO 2009
Booker, Squire Pennsylvania State University BIO 2002
Brazill, Derrick City University of New York-Hunter College BIO 2004
Brewster, Rachel University of Maryland, Baltimore BIO 2005
Caceres, Carla University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign BIO 2003
Currie, Cameron University of Wisconsin-Madison BIO 2008
Duffy, Meghan University of Michigan BIO 2011
Edwards, Erika Brown University BIO 2013
Elowitz, Michael California Institute of Technology BIO 2007
Emlen, Douglas University of Montana BIO 2001
Garcia, Benjamin Princeton University BIO 2010
Greene, Eric Columbia University BIO 2006
Griffitts, Joel Brigham Young University BIO 2012
Huttenhower, Curtis Harvard University BIO 2011
Jackson, Robert Duke University BIO 1998
Jin, Yishi University of California, Santa Cruz BIO 1999
Johnson, Tracy University of California, San Diego BIO 2005
Keesing, Felicia Siena College BIO 1999
Kerr, Benjamin University of Washington BIO 2010
Khalil, Ahmed Boston University BIO 2014
Laub, Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology BIO 2009
Litchman, Elena Michigan State University BIO 2010
MacDonald, Gina James Madison University BIO 1998
MacIver, Malcolm Northwestern University BIO 2009
Malik, Harmit Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center BIO 2008
Maney, Donna Emory University BIO 2004
Mattos, Carla North Carolina State University BIO 2003
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