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The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Recipient Search Results

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The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Recipient Search Results
Name Affiliation NSF Directorate Award Year
Bezanilla, Magdalena University of Massachusetts BIO 2009
Biller, Bahar Carnegie Mellon University ENG 2006
Billey, Sara Massachusetts Institute of Technology Unknown 2000
Billiot, Eugene Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi MPS 2005
Blumel, Reinhold Wesleyan University Unknown 2000
Bongard, Joshua University of Vermont CISE 2010
Booker, Squire Pennsylvania State University BIO 2002
Borrego, Maura Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ENG 2007
Bose, Susmita Washington State University ENG 2002
Brazill, Derrick City University of New York-Hunter College BIO 2004
Brewster, Rachel University of Maryland, Baltimore BIO 2005
Brown, Frank University of California, Santa Barbara MPS 2004
Brumley, David Carnegie Mellon University CISE 2010
Buie, Cullen Massachusetts Institute of Technology ENG 2013
Burg, Karen Clemson University ENG 2001
Burke, David University of Michigan Unknown 1996
Caceres, Carla University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign BIO 2003
Calbi, Maria Southern Illinois University, Carbondale ENG 2008
Cao, Pei University of Wisconsin-Madison CISE 1998
Carlson, Erin Indiana University & University of Minnesota MPS 2013
Carreira, Erick California Institute of Technology Unknown 1996
Carreon, Moises University of Louisville ENG 2012
Casasola, Marianella Cornell University SBE 2004
Cerato, Amy University of Oklahoma ENG 2008
Chapin, John Massachusetts Institute of Technology CISE 1999
Chasiotis, Ioannis University of Illinois ENG 2008
Chen, Fengshen Florida International University Unknown 1996
Chen, Xi Columbia University ENG 2007
Chew, Elaine University of Southern California CISE 2004
Close, Sigrid Stanford University GEO 2012
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