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Division of Grants and Agreements (DGA)

Division Director: Jamie French


DGA is responsible for the award of NSF grants and agreements recommended for support by NSF program offices. From pre-award through closeout, DGA conducts a variety of business, financial, and award administrative reviews to ensure compliance with award terms and conditions, NSF policies and procedures, and Federal rules and regulations.

As a customer-service oriented organization, DGA's team of dedicated grants officers, which is divided into three operational branches, are assigned an award portfolio under each of the Foundation's science Directorates and Offices.

(Note: the NSF Program Division for an award is denoted by the three letters that precede the award number. This can be used to identify the Grants Official and DGA team assigned to manage all awards under that Division's portfolio as designated on DGA's organization chart.)

To assist our awardee community, a reference guide with links to the various NSF offices involved with the Award Management process is provided below to help awardees quickly find the assistance or information needed. Also posted below is Foundation news impacting awardees as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and related documents.


  • Award-specific questions?

Refer to your award letter and contact the Program Officer for any technical questions and the Grants Specialist for any administrative questions.

Always include the award number in any email or communications to assist us with responding to your inquiry.

  • Inquiries about continuing grant increments (CGIs)?

If your award identified incremental funding for subsequent years of the project, those funds are typically released upon approval of the annual progress report if funds are available. For any questions about these increments, please contact your cognizant NSF Program Officer for that award.

  • Questions about program announcements or solicitations?

Contact the Program Director identified in the notice.

  • Questions about NSF Policy governing award administration?

NSF policies on the award and administration of grants and cooperative agreements are found in the Award and Administration Guide (AAG), which is Part II of the NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG).

Access links to all of NSF's Award Conditions.

Find information on the full range of award-related policies from proposal preparation, project outcomes reporting, Career-Life Balance initiative, data management, merit review, and cost sharing, as well as NSF outreach on the NSF Policy Office site. Additional questions not addressed by information found on the Policy Office site can be emailed to:

  • Questions about payments?

The Award Cash Management $ervice (ACM$) accessed on allows awardees to submit cash requests and adjustments to open and closed awards, as well as award-level information on payments and award balances.

For additional assistance with ACM$ or any payment issues, contact the Grant Accountant assigned by State in NSF's Grantee Cash Management Section.

  • Questions about pre- and post-award reviews?

Prospective New Awardees (organizations that have never received an award from NSF or who have not had an active award over the past five years) under consideration for funding recommendation will be provided with the NSF Prospective New Awardee Guide and must return completed documentation to the cognizant DGA Grants Administrator.

Descriptions of the various pre- and post-award reviews conducted by NSF can be found on the Cost Analysis and Audit Resolution (CAAR) site.

  • Questions about the cooperative agreements for Federally Funded Research Centers (FFRDs), major research facilities, and other large facilities?

Contact staff in the Cooperative Support Branch of the Division of Acquisition and Cooperative Support (DACS).

  • Questions about contracts?

Refer to the DACS Contracts Branch site for contracts and additional information.