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Former Biological Sciences* Advisory Committee (BIOAC) Members**

Affiliation at Time of Service
Term of Service
Dr. Mary Allen Wellesley College 1992-1997
Dr. Norma M. Allewell University of Maryland 2003-2005
Dr. Jonas S. Almeida University of Alabama 2010-2014
Dr. David J. Asai Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2011-2014
Dr. Juliette B. Bell Central State University, Ohio 2009-2012
Dr. May Berenbaum University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2013-2016
Dr. Helen Berma Rutgers University 1992-1996
Dr. Lawrence Bogorad Harvard University 1984-1988
Dr. James Bower California Institute of Technology 1992-1994
Dr. Thomas E. Brady Univerisity of Texas, El Paso 2001-2004
Dr. Carol Brewer University of Montana 2011-2014
Dr. Susan V. Bryant Univerisity of California, Irvine 2006-2011
Dr. David R. Burgess Boston College 2003-2004 /
Dr. Warren Burggren University of North Texas 2006-2011
Dr. Hannah V. Carey University of Wisconsin 2014-2017
Dr. Vicki L. Chandler University of Arizona 2001-2004
Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton Ciba-Geigy 1992-1996
Dr. Michael Clegg University of California, Riverside 1992-1994
Dr. Davis H. Cohen Northwestern University 1983-1988
Dr. Wilfredo Colon Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2014-2017
Dr. James P. Collins Arizona State University 1999-2004
Dr. Rita Colwell Maryland Biotechnology Institute, University of Maryland 1995-1998
Dr. Margaret Davis University of Minnesota 1989-1991
Dr. Sean Decatur Kenyon College 2010-2014
Dr. Michael J. Donghue Yale University 2009-2012
Dr. Burt D. Ensley NuCycle Therapy Inc. 1995-2004
Dr. Nina Fedoroff Wake Forest University 2009-2012
Dr. Jacquelyn S. Fetrow Pennsylvania State University 1995-1998
Dr. Gregory Florant Temple University 1992-1997
Dr. Greg Florant Colorado State University 2014-2017
Dr. Clair M. Fraser The Institute for Genomic Research 1999-2004
Dr. Rochel Gelman University of Pennsylvannia 1984-1988
Dr. Ellen Goldberg Santa Fe Institute 1998-2002
Dr. Richard Goldsby Amherst College 1997-1999
Dr. Steve A. N. Goldstein Brandeis University 2014-2017
Dr. William Greenough Beckman Institute, University of Illinois 1992-1997
Dr. Katherine L. Gross Michigan State University 2011-2017
Dr. Stephanie Hampton Washington State University 2016-1018
Dr. W. Franklin Harris Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1995-2002
Dr. Benjamin Hart University of California, Davis 1998
Dr. R. Scott Hawley Stowers Institute for Medical Research 2007-2008
Dr. Robert M. Hazen Carnegie Institution of Washington 2009-2012
Dr. Barbara Heyns New York University 1989-1991
Dr. John Hildebrand University of Arizona 1989-1991
Dr. George Hill Meharry Medical College 1995-1998
Dr. Hopi Hoekstra Harvard Biology 2011-2014
Dr. Laura Hoopes Pomona College 1997-2001
Dr. Robert Horsch Monsanto COmpany 1998-2000
Dr. Linda Hyman Boston University of Medicine 2011-2015
Dr. Manuel Ibanez Texas A&I University 1992-1994
Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson Missouri Botanical Garden 2011-2014
Dr. Julius Jackson Clark Atlanta Unversity 1992-1994
Dr. Gwen Jacobs Montana State University 1997-2002
Dr. Earnest Jaworski Monsanto Life Sciences Company 1992-1994
Dr. Lynn Jelinski Sunshine Consultants, International 1999-2000 & 2003-2006
Dr. Marian Johnson-Thompson National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 2001
Dr. George Jones Emory University 1998-2002
Dr. Elizabeht A. Kellogg University 2014-2017
Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones Maine Science and Technology Foundation 1999-2002
Dr. Leonard Krishtalka The University of Kansas 1999-2004
Dr. Thomas S. Kuhn Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1983-1985
Dr. Eric Lander Whitehead Institute 1989-1991
Dr. George Langford Dartmouth College 1992-1996
Dr. George L. Liggins Bacton Assay Systems, Inc. 2001-2004
Dr. Jane Lubcheno Oregon State University 1992-1997
Dr. Paul Magee University of Minnesota 1992-1997
Dr. Cassandra Manuelito-Kerkvliet Dine College 2002-2006
Dr. Eve Marder Brandeis University 1992-1994
Dr. Susan Marqusee University of California, Berkeley 2014-2017
Dr. Joe Martinez Jr. University of Texas, San Antonio 1999-2000
Dr. Barbara Mazur Du Point and Co., Inc. 1989-1991
Dr. Richard McCombie Cold Spring Harbor for Cognitive Genomics 2015-2018
Dr. Margaret McFall-Ngai University of Hawaii at Manoa 2015-2018
Dr. Jerry Melillo Ecosystems Center 2002-2004
Dr. Gaetano Montelione Rutgers University 2011-2015
Dr. Fredrick Mosteller Harvard University 1984-1986
Dr. Nalini N. Nadkarmi University of Utah 2010-2014
Dr. Randy J. Nelson The Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center 2014-2017
Dr. Norine Noonan College of Charleston 2001-2004
Dr. Michael Novacek American Museum of Natural History 1992-1994
Dr. Eve Pell Smithsonian Institution 2006-2011
Dr. Steward Pickett Institute of Ecosystem Studies 1999-2002
Dr. Muriel Poston Skidmore College 2006-2011
Dr. Kenneth Prewitt Social Science Research Council 1984-1985
Dr. David Prior University of Virginia College at Wise 2009-2012
Dr. Dominic Poccia Amherst College 2016-2018
Dr. Michael Purugganan New York University 2014-2017
Dr. Ralph Quatrano Washington University 1998-2001
Dr. Judith Ramaley University of Vermont 1992-1998
Dr. Peter Raven Missouri Botanical Farden 1983-1989
Dr. Wendy Raymond Davidson College 2011-2016
Dr. Lynn Riddiford University of Washington 1992-1994
Dr. Paul G. Risser University of New Mexico 1992-1994
Dr. Frank Ruddle Yale University 1992-1997
Dr. Barbara Schall Washington University 2006-2011
Dr. David Schimel Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2014-2017
Dr. Todd Schuster University of Connecticut 1989-1991
Dr. Lucille Shapiro Columbia University 1983-1988
Dr. Jmaes N. Siedow Duke Univeristy 2009-2012
Dr. Linda Smith Indiana University 1989-1991
Dr. Otto Solbrig Harvard University 1992-1994
Dr. Christopher Sommerville Michigan University 1992-1994
Dr. Stacia A. Sower University of New Hampshire 2014-2017
Dr. Susan G. Stafford University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 2002-2006
Dr. David Stern Boyce Thompson Institue for Plant Research 2009-2012
Dr. Joan E. Strassmann Washington University 2014-2017
Dr. Joseph Travis Florida State University 2006-2011
Dr. Paul E. Turner Yale University 2014-2017
Dr. Brett Tyler Oregon State University 2011-2016
Dr. Larry N. Vanderhoef Florida State university 1999-2004
Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff Northwestern University 1995-1999
Dr. Marvalee Wake University of California, Davis 1998-2002
Dr. Virginia Walbot Stanford University 1989-1991
Dr. Barbara Webster University of California, Davis 1992-1997
Dr. John Wooley University of California, San Diego 2000-2004
Dr. Daniel Wubah Virginia Tech 2006-2011
Dr. James Wyche Brown University 1989-1991
Dr. Lofti A. Zadeh University of California, Berkeley 1983-1986

* Prior to 1992 - Biological, Behavioral and Social Sciences (BBS)
** Information on this page was compiled from historical records which may not be complete. Please report errors or omissions to the BIO webmaster.